Interactive Maps

The following links are interactive maps for public use. If you have problems accessing or navigating these maps contact us.

City of Emporia Street Data Map - Interactive map detailing different sets of information on all public roads within the City of Emporia.

City of Emporia Zoning Map - Public zoning information displayed in an online map. For more information contact the Emporia Planning and Zoning Dept.

City of Emporia Parks and Trails Map - Interactive map of Parks and Trails in and around Emporia. For more information contact the Emporia Parks Dept.

Lyon County and Emporia Survey Data Map - Benchmarks and section corner ties located within Emporia and in Lyon County. 

Beacon Interactive Map of Lyon County, Kansas Site that hosts a number of the City's datasets in an interactive map viewer. Just follow the link and drop down boxes to Lyon County, KS

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