Title VI: Community Services Officer Statement

on Limited English Proficiency (LEP)


Emporia attracts people from around the world. We welcome this diversity and have taken steps to insure that those who come to our City can participate in and enjoy to the fullest all that our great City has to offer.

The City of Emporia is proud of our efforts to ensure that inclusiveness and fairness are a part of all of our activities. We are proactive in extending our services and programs to all who wish to participate, including our Limited English Proficiency (LEP) residents. The City’s Office for Human Relations (Civil Rights) leads the way in celebrating our differences and drawing strength from many of our similarities.

The Policy Statement included in the City’s Title VI Plan shows our commitment to Title VI and our fairness in contracting. It is our goal to reaffirm the City’s efforts to reach out to the LEP community and assure that they are a part of the City’s democratic processes. This is a step I gladly take, as inclusiveness and fairness are an integral part of this City.

Shelly Kelley

Community Services Officer

Shelly Kelley

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