2017 Street Rehabilitation Project

Work is scheduled to begin the week of August 7th on the 2017 Street Rehabilitation Project.  This work will consist of saw cutting areas where concrete is to be removed and replaced.  Removal of concrete is scheduled to begin the week of August 14th.

Roadway milling and the overlay operations will begin in September and last thru the month of October.

Project is scheduled to be complete the second week of November.

The following streets will be included in the 2017 Street Rehabilitation Project:

Sylvan St. (6th Ave. to 12th Ave.)

Arundel St. (6th Ave. to 9th Ave.)

Oak St. (6th Ave. to 9th Ave.)

Woodland St. (6th Ave. to 9th Ave.)

18th Ave. (Rural St. to Morningside Dr.)

Sunnyslope St. (12th Ave. to 15th Ave.)

Dover Rd. (15th Ave. to 18th Ave.)

S. Constitution St. (Kansas Ave. to South Ave.)

Randolph Ave. (S. Merchant St. to S. Constitution St.)

W. 20th Ave. (Graphic Arts Rd. to Cul de Sac)

Oakwood Dr. and 8th Ave.

9th Ave. (Henry St. to Thompson St.)

Michelle St., 10th Ave. and Mary St.

Flint Rd. (Maplecrest Dr. to 21st Ave.)

Dorset St. (Linn St. to 6th Ave.)

Dorset St. (Dead End to Linn St.)

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