Request for Qualifications- Comprehensive Plan Update

Request for Qualifications- Comprehensive Plan Update

Lyon County, Kansas and the City of Emporia are requesting a submission of qualifications from any and all parties wishing to be considered for consulting services related to reviewing and updating the Joint Lyon County and City of Emporia Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Background

The City of Emporia’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2008. The City of Emporia 2008 Plan largely focused on land use, transportation, and infrastructure. The past plan can be viewed:

Lyon County Zoning Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2000. It explored demographic predictions, land use, agricultural, development, and housing goals. It can be view at:

Since adoption of the current comprehensive plans, a number of initiatives have occurred that relate to or impact the Comprehensive Plans. Examples of related activities include: Change in population, housing market, annexation and land use growth, and regional employment opportunities.

Community- Background

Location- Emporia, the geographically centre of rural Lyon County is located in the east central portion of Kansas and is about an hour drive from larger metro areas such as Topeka (50 miles northeast, Lawrence (60 miles northeast), Wichita (70 miles southwest), and Kansas City (90 miles northeast).

Communities within Lyon County include the following (distance from Emporia noted): Admire (pop. 156) 19 miles northeast, Allen (pop. 177) 18 miles north, Americus (pop. 883) 9 miles northwest, Bushong (pop. 34) 24 miles northeast, Hartford (pop. 366) 20 miles southwest, Neosho Rapids (pop. 259) 13 miles east, Olpe (pop. 542) to miles south, and Reading (pop. 231) 15 miles northeast, population estimates according to 2013 data.

Demographics- According to the 2010 US Census, Emporia is the largest city in Lyon County, which has a total county population of 33,690. The population of Lyon County grew 4.9% from 1990 to 2000, yet declined 6.9% from 2000 to 2010. This decline is due in part to the recession and the lost of a few large employers. The 2010 US Census population of Emporia was 24,916. The 2012 population estimated showed a modest growth of .2%, resulting in a population of 24,958. The median household income fell from 76% in 2000 to 73% in 2010 (CID Phase 3 Plan, Market Analysis 2.1).

Education- Lyon County and Emporia offer a wide range of education, which includes: Emporia State University, Flint Hills Technical College, USD 251 North Lyon County, USD 251 Southern Lyon County School District, USD 253 Emporia Unified School District, as well as public and private schools in Reading, Olpe, Admire, and Neosho Rapids.

Land Use- Lyon County is rural, and is composed of many farms and ranches, however there continues to be annexations to incorporate more of the county into the City of Emporia. There is a demand for more new housing within Lyon County and the City of Emporia.

Housing: Based on US Census data

  • 1963 was the median year for housing built in Emporia (52 years ago)
  • $954 is the typical cost for a monthly home mortgage.
  • Average household size is 2.16 persons.

Transportation- The City of Emporia is a strategically located at the intersection of Interstate 35, Interstate 335, U.S. Highway 50, and Kansas Highway 99. Emporia is 110 miles southwest of Kansas City, 85 miles northeast of Wichita, and 50 miles southwest of Topeka. Lyon County and Emporia also have a regional airport, and a large freight train operation.

Lyon County is a thoroughfare for a number of highways; these include U.S. Highway 56, Kansas Highway 170, and Kansas Highway 130.


As the primary planning document for the City of Emporia and Lyon County as well as the basis for planning & zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, and various policies & initiatives to be considered and implemented by the City/County, the comprehensive plan is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the City/County at the present time and propose goals, objectives and policies to assist the City/County in planning its future. It is the goal of the City of Emporia and Lyon County that this Comprehensive Plan Update will include an assessment of the City’s current condition, a summary of the goals and concerns of our residents & businesses, project future growth & related development issues and propose policies, initiatives & additional tasks necessary to accomplish the planning goals of the community. It is the City/County’s specific expectation that the comprehensive planning process will also include a significant community input component.


Scope of Services

A Joint City/County committee has discussed and considered the scope of services for the comprehensive plan update. The final scope of services will be the result of negotiations between the City/County and the successful consultant. However, the following summary is representative of the topics preliminarily identified by City/County staff and along with the joint City/County committee.

Future Land Use Planning

  • Review & revision of Future Land Use Plan
  • Projection of Future Trends
  • Housing Assessment
  • Reviewing and Extending Growth Projections
  • Utilities Master-Planning
    • Comprehensive Water Systems Needs and Analysis
  • Storm water Master Planning
  • Floodplain Management Master Planning
  • Natural Resource Management Master Planning

Planning & Zoning

  • Coordination with Capital Improvements Program
  • Review of Current Comprehensive Plans
  • Review and Possible Consolidation of City/County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Review of Current Code Services

Transportation Planning

  • Traffic/Roadway/Multi-Use Paths Review & Planning


  • City and County Facility Review & Planning

Economic Development

  • Economic Development Study

Specific Implementation Recommendations

  • Review of Community Goals
  • Summary Report of Community Input
  • Recommendations Related to Selected Community Input Topics
    • Feasible actions- short term and long term
    • Establish benchmarks to measure progress
    • Procedures to implement
    • Cost estimate of implementation
    • Potential sources of funding

Additional Considerations

This will be a Joint Updated Comprehensive Plan for both the City of Emporia and Lyon County. This is the first of its kind, as previously comprehensive plans have been separate.

Special consideration MUST be given to existing plans created by other entities in relation to the City/County.

Additional Resources

City of Emporia Website:

Lyon County Website:

Selection Process

This RFQ is an invitation by the City of Emporia and Lyon County for interested professionals to submit qualifications, which may be subject to subsequent discussions and negotiations. Submittal of qualifications does not create any right in, or expectation to, a contract with the City/County. Interviews of selected consultants will be conducted by a committee comprised of City/County Officials. The Committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Governing Bodies for final action. The Committee reserves the right to reject any and all RFQ’s and conduct consultant interviews as deemed in the best interest of the community. Depending on the number of consultants selected to be interviewed, initial interviews may be conducted via telephone conference call rather than in-person and on-site.

Submission Requirements

Interested firms shall send eight (8) hard copies of their Qualifications for the Joint Comprehensive Plan Update before 2:00 PM, July, 22, 2016 to:

City of Emporia

Attn: Tim Frevert, Purchasing Officer

522 Mechanic Street

Emporia, KS 66801

Interested firms shall also send PDFs of their Qualifications for the Joint Comprehensive Plan Update before 2:00 PM, July, 22, 2016 to:

Joseph Foster: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Samuel Seeley: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Qualifications received later than the above referenced time will NOT be considered.

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